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All employees like to impress their bosses, so let's start here by showing us you can read, follow directions and respond accordingly:

Only applicants who submit an impressive resume/CV and all required information will be contacted - the rest of you either need more experience or need help in presenting yourself in a job application.

Incomplete applications will not be considered or acknowledged – if you have no time to apply properly, we have no time to talk to you.

If you're thinking that Dubai based jobs = instant riches, think again and research modern Dubai a bit better, then apply somewhere else – we're an Internet Company, not an oil drilling company!

We all know how you like to hear back quickly and more importantly, positively, so help us speed up the process by including the following information:

  • Your date of availability?
  • Your current (monthly) salary and expected (monthly) salary.
  • Any physical handicap or illnesses we should be aware about? (this will not prejudice your application)
  • Contact details (inc. email) of 2 professional references and 1 personal reference (excluding related family members).
  • Your current visa status and date of expiry (if currently in Dubai ).
  • Please provide the URL of your favorite web site and briefly describe why it's your favorite?
  • Please write a few lines telling us why you chose to apply to Cactimedia.  It's nice to know we're not one of those nameless companies you spammed your CV to in your desperation to get a pay check.
  • Do you currently know anyone in Dubai or what plans would you have for accommodation whilst in Dubai ? (if applying from overseas)
  • Include a scanned photo of yourself. (again, this will not prejudice your application, but it may give us a good giggle)
  • Valid driving license? Where from?
  • Have you visited Dubai before? (if applying from the UAE you can wisely choose to ignore this question)
  • Which nationality/ies are you currently holding?

Naturally your CV/resume should be included in your application, as should your portfolio reference.

Great, got it all?  Now go ahead and see if there's any position here you think you can excel at; then feel free to apply in the manner required above.  Please allow fourteen days for a response, if you haven't heard from us by then you may safely assume you'll need to apply elsewhere.

Good luck!

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